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Get to Know the Royal Roost

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Hi. I'm Starla. My husband Roy and I are the proprietors behind the Royal Roost Farm. But the real inspiration behind our farm is our Minecraft addicted mob of children. See, Roy grew up on a farm in the tiny town of Edgewood in East Texas. (And he did give me fair warning that he wanted to retire to a farm - something this city chick evidently should have taken a little more seriously). So when the kids went through their Minecraft phase, we started to get concerned; their faces grew pallid and their waistlines expanded as they invested countless hours sitting around inside playing a game where they pretended to be doing things outside. ...Wait, what?

So my brilliant husband decided that it was time to bring our little Minecrafters out into the real world. We stocked up on sharp objects and dragged our mining minions out into the sunlight, down to the family farm.

There was a lot of squinting. There was quite a bit of whining. And then - EUREKA! They started to have FUN!!!

We immediately knew that we needed a whole lot more of this. THEY needed a whole lot more of this! So, we found a nice little patch of land a couple of hours from home where we could plant our feet and watch our kids grow, play in the sunshine, and exercise more than their thumbs.

Now... fast forward a couple years to 2019. After seven years working in the insurance industry, Roy hit an absolute breaking point. He had spent the past year working in a terrible environment, dealing with a tyrannical boss and an office full of drama, and getting physically sick before work most mornings. Thankfully, life unfolded in a way that got him out of there. Roy took this opportunity to do a little therapeutic gardening as he tried to piece back together his will to return to Corporate America. The garden grew quickly, but so did our realization that returning to the role of working stiff was just not what Roy needed. Our "retirement plan" got boosted up to simply, "the plan," and Royal Roost Farm was born.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to experience, share, ask questions... and, of course, watch our Events page for opportunities to connect in person.



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