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Rosemary, Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread

This recipe is so easy and loaded with flavor! It makes an impressive appetizer or a delicious meal. Mascarpone is a rich, creamy cheese that is smoother and less tangy than traditional cream cheese. It's usually found with the more upscale cheeses, goat cheeses, etc.

For a meal, we like to throw some onion on top. As an appetizer, we skip the onion. It's delicious either way. Amounts below are estimates and can be adjusted to your preference.


1 refrigerated pizza crust

3-4oz mascarpone cheese

3oz prosciutto

1/2cup fig preserves

1/2tsp Rosemary Citrus Sea Salt

1/4 large purple or red onion


  1. Preheat oven according to pizza crust instructions.

  2. Unroll pizza crust onto a baking sheet and, using your hands or a rolling pin, smooth crust into an even layer. Pre-bake according to directions.

  3. Remove pizza from oven and allow to cool until it is just warm to the touch. Spread with mascarpone, stopping 1/2” from edges.

  4. Sprinkle pizza and crust lightly with Rosemary Citrus Sea Salt.

  5. Spoon on fig preserves and spread gently.

  6. Chop prosciutto slices into 2” squares and place them on top of pizza.

  7. Slice onion vertically into thin strips and scatter on pizza. Finish with another dash of Rosemary Citrus Sea Salt, if desired.

  8. Bake until crust is golden at edges (See pizza directions for time).

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