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The Crazy Flock Behind the Royal Roost

...Because some parents will do anything to get the kids to put their gadgets down.

Royal Roost Farm is a family-run artisanal farm that started in 2017. With a microfarm in Allen, Texas and a self-sustained off-grid outpost in Antlers, Oklahoma, we love to find innovative ways to bring our family farm to your family's table. From fresh produce to herbal teas, treats and crafts, we strive to help other busy families find a little more bliss and balance.

Check out our blog to hear all about the crazy journey that led us to divide our time between a suburban paradise and an off-grid homestead in the foothills of the Kiamichi Mountains. (Spoiler alert: Minecraft is partly to blame.)

And be sure to check out our events page to come meet our flock in person! We can't wait to meet you! 

From our family to yours,

Roy and Starla Davis, Proprietors

(and our silly squad of pint-sized proprietors, too) 

About Us: Our Farm
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