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A Profound Experience - How Profound Microfarms Uses Hydroponics to Grow 15,000 Heads of Lettuce

We are BIG fans of the way Jeff and Lee Bednar are bringing sexy back to farming! Their collaborative attitude and strong ethics around sustainability and accessibility are an inspiration to us here at the Royal Roost Farm.

The grow operation at Profound is absolutely incredible. From microgreens to edible flowers to lettuce to specialty crops, the bounty produced by the greenhouses at Profound Microfarms is astonishing. The video below gives an in-depth tour of the operations at Profound, and the different systems in use at their location, including the strengths and weaknesses of each.

To learn more about Profound Microfarms, visit their website at Or, better yet, schedule a tour or attend one of their events. And tell them Royal Roost Farm says, "hi!"

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