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Aquaponics, Part 2: Designing an Aquaponic System

We're back with round two of the incredibly informative Aquaponics Academy podcast from Bright Agrotech! In this series of courses, Dr. Storey dives into the more technical aspects of aquaponic system design, media types, and more!

Aquaponics Academy #8 - The Fundamentals of System Design (Part 1)

Aquaponics Academy #9 - The Fundamentals of System Design (Part 2)

Aquaponics Academy #10 - Building an Aquaponics System: Media-Based Systems, Basics of Plumbing and Drainage

Aquaponics Academy #11 - How Do Media-Free Systems Work?

Aquaponics Academy #12 - Fish Production in Aquaponics Systems

Aquaponics Academy #13 - Irrigation, Drainage and Sump Setups for Aquaponics Systems

Whew!! That was a LOT of information, but now you have a fundamental understanding of the different types of aquaponic systems and the essential components for each. Next, we will explore the nutrients involved in aquaponics. Stay tuned!!!

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