Big Dreams Spring from Small Starts

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Tiny peppers starting their farm to table journey
Tiny peppers starting their farm to table journey

We've all heard the expression, "Go big or go home" so many times that it is practically etched into our brains. But when it comes to fulfilling our dreams and building the life we truly want, it's the baby steps we take that truly matter.

We've known for YEARS that we wanted to start a farm. It's been Roy's lifelong dream, and although it's not exactly something I had envisioned for myself, my crafty husband was able to lure me in really quickly by sharing pastoral visions of me enjoying my sunset years sitting on the front porch of my little cabin in the woods, hanging out with Bambi, Thumper, and all of the other assorted Disney woodland creatures I had romanticized in my youth.

As much as we knew that this is something we both wanted, while our children were still young enough to enjoy it (and obligated to help), we took so long to take those first steps. We spent so many years focused on the BIG things that needed to happen to make our dream a reality that we completely overlooked the dozens of small things that we could have been doing all along. There were so many great conversations about our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) that ended with, "...but we just need to wait until _____" or, "we'll do it as soon as _____." We had an ideal sequence of events in our head and never looked at all of the ways we could circumvent them. And even worse, when we would finally check one big step off the list, we'd find another obstacle to put in it's place. Let's run through a few:

Landry, relaxing near the creek at Royal Roost Farm